In Remembrance of The Law
- A Mission for Mankind -

Dedicated To My Christian Parents,
Wilbert E. Guilford, Sr. and Blanche Duffel Guilford


"Almighty God of Israel
commands and demands the
attention of both good and evil men."

"Freedom of Religion
commands itself while it controls
the power of the people."

"Freedom of Speech
waves the American Flag
in the face of an enemy."

"A fool for punishment
is ignorant of the law."

"A man who proves his own
ignorance is a man of knowledge."

"Human rights and mankind are equal."

"When I look above I see nothing…
when I look beyond, I see everything."

"May those who experience the
darkness of war be blessed from
yesterday to know peace on tomorrow."

Beverly Guilford Bedder, aka Pathfinder




Due Process:
Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments

Right to Counsel:
Sixth Amendment



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"Justice for all...
includes Christian
men and women."

By Beverly Guilford Bedder,
aka Pathfinder
The law should avail itself to the dignity of a refined people and the culture
of a nation.  When lawmakers break the law, their unethical behavior
undermines the enforcement of justice and due process.  These criminals are
not above the law, and nor or they above Almighty God.
I am a Christian, and a willing steward on behalf of The House of David.

I am dependent upon Jesus Christ, who is the truth, the light, and the way.  

I am a woman who seeks due process of the law, and the survival of
Christianity in the United States of America, and the world.
One Woman, One Voice Enterprises
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